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Your First Steps:

  • Almost all OSSFs (onsite sewage facility) must have a permit issued by the county prior to any construction, installation, repair, extension, or other alteration. Any work on an OSSF must be handled by a licensed installer or directly by the homeowner. If someone is paid for any part of the process, that person must be licensed by the state.

  • In order to purchase your septic permit, you must first have a survey or plat of the property and a deed or tax record showing who the landowner is.

  • In order to design a septic system for your property, the designer will need a copy of the survey or plat of the property.

  • In addition to the survey or plat of the property, 2 backhoe holes must be excavated at opposite ends of the proposed disposal area (drainfield / leach field) to determine the characteristics of the soil.

  • At that time, a licensed site evaluator will need to determine local conditions and determine the design your OSSF.  

  • This site evaluator will also be the one providing you with the design requirements for your system. 

  • We highly recommend and prefer site evaluations and designs done by Kevin Moore, a Registered Sanitarian, Licensed Site Evaluator and Installer II.  Kevin can be reached at 512-689-9293.

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